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Maliau Basin


The main accommodation inside Maliau Basin Conservation Area is the Maliau Basin Studies Centre (MBSC) which was just recently completed.

It consists of the main administrative building, laboratory and research area, souvenir shop, restaurant, staff quarters, exhibition centre, theater, conference room, as well as accommodation for visitors: the VIP Chalets, Resthouse (Deluxe and Standard room) and hostel dormitory.

MBSC will be the first stop for most visitors before venturing into satellite camps inside the basin.

Rest House

Deluxe Room


Bunk Bed at Hostel


Administrative Building

In addition to the chalet, resthouse and hostel accommodation facilities at Maliau Basin Studies Centre, Maliau offers a range of satellite camps linked by well-maintained trails.

Belian Camp

Belian Camp is about 25km drive from the Security Gate and within walking distance of Maliau Basin Studies Centre. It comprises a camping ground with space for 20 double tents, a large kitchen, toilets cum showers, and an attractive pavilion. Located in logged lowland dipterocarp forest near the banks of Maliau River, Belian Camp is close to an educational nature trail and an impressive canopy walkway, also known as Maliau 'Sky Bridge'.

Agathis Camp

Set on the banks of a 15km wide in hill mixed dipterocarp forest with tree canopies reaching 25m to 45m, and species like the meranti sarang punai (Shorea parvifolia) and seraya (Shorea curtisii), Agathis Camp is located at the southernmost edge of MBCA, about 20km to the north of the Security Gate, and is the main starting off point to trails to Nephentes Camp (Also known as Camel Trophy Camp) and Ginseng Camp. A 1km self-guided nature trail at the camp provides visitors with a fascinating introduction to the forest and its wildlife. The camp is well-equipped and comfortable, with hammock-style accommodation for up to 30 visitors, electricity and toilets and showers.

Nepenthes Camp (Also known as Camel Trophy Camp)

Nepenthes Camp / Camel Trophy Camp is a two-storey building complete with bunk beds, showers and solar electricity, which can accommodate up to 15 visitors. Constructed by the participants of Camel Trophy in 1993, it was the first permanent camp within the Basin and is located strategically at the meeting point of lower montane forest and the rare and unusual montane heath forest on Maliau's southern plateau. A 33m high observation platform near the top of a large Agathis borneensis tree provides an opportunity to observe birds at close range and allows breathtaking views of the surrounding forest canopy and the beautiful Takob Akob and Giluk Falls are within 2 hours walk.

Ginseng Camp

Constructed in 2005 near to the impressive 27m high Ginseng Falls and about 5-6 hours walk from Agathis Camp, this substantial camp can accommodate up to 20 visitors, and has hammock-style beds and toilets cum showers.

Lobah Camp

Located near the top of a hill with a 230 degrees panoramic view of the Basin's rim, Lobah Camp is approximately 2km from the well-known Maliau Falls, and serves as a much-needed stopping point for visitors from Ginseng and Camel Trophy Camps, before arriving at the Falls.

Seraya Camp

Four to six hours walk from Belian Camp, Seraya Camp is located on what is expected to be the most important trail in MBCA in the future, as most visitors to Maliau Falls will spend the night here. Trails around Seraya Camp also pass a rare Rafflesia tengku-adinii site.

Other satellite camps in remote locations such as Rafflesia, Strike Ridge and Eucalyptus Camps are accessible to visitors only by helicopter.